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For advertisers and publishers, who look for a secure, fast, and transparent marketplace to trade directly, DigiAdChain is a reliable, efficient, and anti-fraud marketplace that bypasses middlemen using AI-Blockchain Technology.

Now you can easily use the DigiAdChain advertising system.

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Use Cases


Including web publishers and app developers who need to protect their financial interests and receive their revenue payments efficiently.they can tokenize their imperisons and tarde it in our market place.


Including brands and agencies who are highly motivated to eliminate ad chain intermediaries and fraudulent traffic, and gain absolute clarity over ad spend.


why we use blockchain?

- You can easily reduce your costs through the blockchain. Blockchain has a lot of fast nodes that can calculate a lot of data without any cost.
- The network stability is more than 99%.
- Everyone can access to blockchain and see the blocks.
- This is a unique system that can detect fraud clicks using blockchain an AI technology we improve the ethereum smart contracts solidity for AI technology .


100 %


100 %


very low

fake clicks

0 %

make your token easily

the publishers can easily make their tokens and trade it in our market place and so the advertisers can buy these token and get advertise services from the publishers.

based on ethereum blockchain system

we use the ethereum full nodes for our platform